Sports economics gets JEL codes

Greetings from NAASE!

A few months ago, the Executive Board of NAASE sent a request to the American Economic Association that sports economics be given its own set of JEL codes. I am delighted to report that I received an email from Steve Husted today, who manages the JEL code assignments for the AEA, with the news that they agree and have assigned sports economics a rather comprehensive set of codes under Z2. The new codes are very close to those that we requested, so we are delighted with the outcome and hope you are too. The assignment of permanent JEL codes for sports economics serves as significant recognition of sports economics’ place in the broader economics literature. The codes will not be posted on the AEA website for a few weeks but I am told that we can begin to use them immediately for classifying and referencing our work. Special thanks goes to Tony Krautmann who originally suggested this at the 2014 NAASE/WEAI meetings. The full set of codes is as follows:

Z2 Sports Economics
Z20 General
Z21 Industry Studies
Z22 Labor Issues
Z23 Finance
Z28 Policy
Z29 Other