NAASE at the Southern Economics Association 2017

Call for Papers – NAASE Sports Economics Sessions
87th Annual SEA Conference
Tampa, Florida
The North American Association of Sports Economists (NAASE) is again organizing sports economics sessions at the Southern Economic Association (SEA) conference. The conference will be held November 17-19, 2017 in Tampa, Florida. The basic format of the NAASE sessions will be the same as in the past. I hope to have several complete sessions to take to the SEA organizers to assure us of a good room and good session times.

The SEA deadline for Allied Association sessions is May 1. I need your submission by April 20th.

If you have a sports economics paper you would like to present in Tampa, please email Dennis Coates (see below for contact information) a title and full contact information including post and email addresses. Your submission must contain full contact information for all co-authors.
Here is the contact information for the session organizer:
Dennis Coates